ABOUT NIMBULUS – A Leading Office 365 Partner in the UK


Francesca Geens – Director

Headshot-Francesca-200x200Francesca is quickly establishing herself as a thought leader and is in demand for her opinions on the “personal cloud” and how this can be used in business. Her strengths as a consultant lay in seeing what technology works best for the client and cutting through complexity to see what solutions work well.

Outside work Francesca spends her time visiting Art exhibitions and looking after her two young children. Connect to her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.

  • Likes Cats 60% 60%
  • Technical 70% 70%
  • Good with People 90% 90%
  • Likes Mulberry Handbags 70% 70%
Quick fact: Dr. Francesca has a PhD title: ‘Ungs très petiz tableaux à pignon, qui cloent et ouvrent, esmaillez dehors et dedens’ from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Nazz Ahammad – Director

Headshot-Nazz-200x200Nazz founded Nimbulus back in 2009. He started the first five years of his career as a programmer at Goldman Sachs having graduated from University College London. He co-founded a traditional IT services company, Hypercubic Solutions, back in 2003 and sold it in 2011. Nazz is a passionate believer in cloud computing and the benefit it brings to companies.

Outside work, Nazz spends his time running, playing football and sadly following Fulham Football Club. Connect to him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter. You can also find out more about his credentials as an Office 365 Consultant on his personal site.

  • Likes climbing Cat 3 hills on his Cervelo R3 40% 40%
  • Likes descending Cat 3 hills on his Cervelo R3 90% 90%
  • Technical (yes, full geek) 100% 100%
  • Friendly (after two cups of coffee) 90% 90%
Quick fact: Nazz is still recovering having completed the Marmotte Granfondo – a particularly gruelling cycle sportive in the Alps in the Summer of 2016; and eagerly awaiting the next challenge.

We’re one of Microsoft’s Oldest Born in the Cloud UK Partners

In fact, we established Nimbulus even before the first Microsoft Cloud product was released in the UK, though to be fair, it had been released in the US a few months earlier and we knew it was coming. That was all the way back in April 2009.

We were initially born out of a traditional IT services company, a standard but successful Microsoft Gold Certified partner, employing lots of MCSEs and MCSAs. Some of us thought the future was going to be ‘cloudy’ and that that the standard model of IT support / IT consultancy / IT services would be extinct in a few years.

So we took that consulting, project management and implementation experience to apply it to this most 21st century of businesses and we’ve been quite good at it for a while.

In the beginning, we experimented with a number of different ‘public cloud’ services including Google Apps for Business, but within the year, decided to specialise in Microsoft Office 365. Once that decision had been made we moved from strength to strength and have averaged helping at least one Office 365 project a week since then.

Why? Because we genuinely believe cloud computing is a force for good both for the planet and companies that deploy it.

Given the current state of the technology industry there should be no reason for businesses to have to invest in and pay for the maintenance and support of expensive hardware. The money (and the Earth’s resources) could be put to better use.

Many IT companies make a lot of money by deploying complexity whilst charging and arm and a let to support it. That’s not us, we want to get you onto the Office 365 platform, then help you make the most of it.

We keep our Office 365 knowledge completely up to date to ensure that the companies that we help can make the most of the possibilities of the platform.

Getting you into Office 365 is a small part of the overall picture; getting your colleagues to use it to maximise productivity and communication is where the majority of the hard work resides.

Much of our work is now helping with deploying and utilising the other online services such as SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online and some of the more esoteric features such as Delve and Yammer.

Other people, like Microsoft, think we’re quite good with Office 365 too; so if you needed to be transitioned from the now defunct Office Live Small Business service, we were one of three companies in the UK they pointed you to.

We were also signed up for Microsoft’s original Project Tiger (there were only 12 of us) and so if you’d clicked on “I’d like to speak to a partner”, when signing up, we’d be one of those companies you would speak to. We were proud to be one in three in London. Microsoft still pass us leads to this day.

We were also held up as a model cloud services partner, by Microsoft, when they rebranded to Office 365 (from BPOS), in their launch documentation:

Nimbulus Office 365 Launch Documentation 700x963

And we continue to be a well regarded Microsoft Partner in the industry.