We get your business into Office 365
then help you make the most of your investment

We can help at every stage of your Office 365 journey

Regardless of whether you’re just evaluting Office 365 or have been on the platform since 2009,
we have a number of Office 365 services that can help you make the most of your investment.

Office 365 Preparation

If you’re not already in Office 365 then there is no time like the present to start planning your ascension to the cloud. Our pre-deployment services range from working out your licensing options to helping you come up with a project plan.
A9Hand holding services: Perfect for business owners or technical managers who want to have a go at migrating themselves into Office 365. You do all the heavy lifting and we make sure the right things are being done. We can be as high or low touch as you require and can also be on-hand should the plan ‘not go to plan’. Find out more about our Office 365 hand-holding services.
07_Software Assurance Planning ServicesOffice 365 Licensing services: If you’ve been working with Microsoft products for a while; you’ll know that licensing can get very confusing very quickly. There are a number of nuances regarding the various plans and pricing varies depending on the way you pay. Often buying from the Office 365 site is the most expensive option. Find out more through out Office 365 Licensing services.

Migration Services

B9Migration services: Perfect for businesses that want to outsource the whole Office 365 project. We take full end to end responsibility for the Office 365 migration from project documentation and management through to implementation and post deployment support. Find out more about our Office 365 Migration services.
Office 365 Services that save you time and money

To be honest – you probably could do a lot of the leg work and research yourself, but remember your time also has an opportunity cost associated with it. It will probably take hours out of your working day researching the right answers to questions we’ve fielded hundreds of times before.

Don’t spend that time searching Google or the Microsoft Office 365 Community site trying to find answers (that may well be out of date by the time you find them). Save time by talking to a human being or sending us an e-mail.

Post Migration Services

C9Office 365 Technical MOT: If you performed the migration yourself or were migrated over twelve months ago; then much has changed in the Office 365 platform. What were best practices when you originally migrated may have been superseded with new best practice. Find out with our Office 365 Technical MOT service.

Make sure that your installation is consistent with best practice by taking advantage of our Office 365 Technical MOT.

How we work

When you contact us; we’ll have a chat around what you want to achieve. We’ll then have an idea of where we can add value to your project. We’ll verbalise a project scope and provide an estimate of how many hours / days of our service you will require. Assuming this indication of price is acceptable we’ll write up a formal quote and proceed with the project.

We provide very reasonable hourly and daily rates and can be engaged on a project from just a few hours to several months. Many businesses also retain our services for Office 365 support and administration.